This part of the DPHA site will help you understand the broad range of homebuilding and renovation options available when you work with DPHA manufacturers and showrooms. Whether you’re building a new home or just looking to freshen up a room, the four sections of this part of the site—door and cabinet hardware, bath, kitchen/bar and room facelift—are here to help.

Each section includes a topic overview and planning considerations. DPHA showrooms feature the most up-to-date styles and functional innovations in decorative plumbing and hardware to enable you to select products and applications that meet your specific needs.

Whether you’re a designer, architect, contractor, installer or homeowner, you understand and appreciate the importance of quality, and you know—or will soon discover—the combination of beauty, functional elegance and technological superiority available in today’s upscale plumbing and hardware.

DPHA member showrooms are ideally suited to cater to educated and discriminating buyers. The independent showroom is differentiated not only by an extensive selection of the finest products in the marketplace, but also by a knowledgeable, experienced and professional staff.

DPHA showroom professionals can guide you through the intricacies of selecting the right decorative plumbing and hardware products for your unique projects and provide the counsel necessary to customize a bath, kitchen and hardware project that meet your needs, preferences, applications and budgets.

The information provided by an experienced, knowledgeable and professional showroom is not available on e-commerce sites or through buying clubs. Those places don’t ask questions or raise issues addressed by showroom professionals nor are they capable of providing the guidance you need to ensure that the look and functionality that you want and deserve are realized.


The brochure pictured below details the care and maintenance of decorative plumbing and hardware products. This brochure touches on the possibilities in upscale kitchen, bath and home products and guides you in preserving their quality. To get a copy of this brochure, just click here to find a DPHA member dealer in your area. They will be happy to give you a copy of this brochure, or any other message brochures you are interested in.

Cover of DPHA Care and Maintenance brochure