Door and Cabinet Hardware

When you select or update your door and cabinet hardware, you punctuate the design statement that winds through your home.

Entry door hardware, similar to most other products sold in a decorative plumbing and hardware showroom, serves both functional and aesthetic purposes. Door hardware not only provides a critical component of home security, but also makes a unique design statement. Hardware placed on your entry door is a window into the soul of the home and represents the only opportunity to make a first impression. Inside, door knobs, latches, levers and hinges have graduated from strictly the utilitarian purpose of opening and closing doors to an important part of the home’s décor.

Cabinet hardware further complements the home’s style while serving an extremely important functional purpose. If you ever doubt the impact of door and cabinet hardware on the look and feel of a home, visit a home under construction in which cabinet hardware is missing. The open spaces that hardware will eventually fill make the space feel airy and ungrounded. Without door and cabinet hardware, your home lacks weight and security and misses the opportunity to present a complete and coordinated look.